fresh. friendly. local.

located in downtown sulphur springs

Breakfast & Lunch

We have been serving delicious sandwiches, salads, soups,
desserts and more for 20 years! We look forward to serving you! 
fresh. friendly. local.

"What to eat, what to eat...such a hard decision because everything is fresh and delicious! The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is cheery, and the menu has something for everyone. The desserts are over-the-moon yummy!"

- Evie Kattes

"The fancy chicken salad is wonderful. The staff super!!! They will go an extra mile to make sure you are taken care of!!!"

- Vonda Raz Farthing

The people are what make the place worth a stop. We are so blessed every time we go in. I’m so happy to have a place like plain and fancy in our little town. Yummy food for your tummy and a friendly atmosphere that is food for the soul.

- Marisha Peugh Moreland